Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mental Illness 2 (Stranded between Brilliance and Madness)

Teets remind Justine of the trend toward natural births, taking place at home instead of in a hospital, where pregnancy is considered something that requires treatment. Zach agrees, pointing out that the medical profession tries to find illnesses where there are none. A way to consummate its role in the world. He mentions Eleanor Longden’s Ted Talk, Hearing Voices:




Ethan tries to run away, but Zach and Justine take his shoes taken away. And Zach tells the story of how he was involuntarily committed to a mental hospital right before the White Light experience. He wanted to escape to London, to get away from the membrane of Philadelphia. But they never would have let him into the U.K. with that sort of attitude! Ethan, on the other hand, once thought he was in The Truman Show. And Justine wanted to escape to Seattle where she would be the next big thing…basically the equivalent of the lovechild between Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. 


God talks to the Trio! “Don’t fly too close to the sun,” he says. Descartes doubts whether this is God, or whether it is a voice in their heads. “People crave the logos!” Descartes objects. And Ethan believes him, insisting that insanity has an origin everyone experiences during their lives. Zach actually went THROUGH the origin of mental illness and came out the other side. Ever since then, he has been a devotee of the White Light, bravely wielding the sword of brightness. But Justine the Grey counter-attacks and Zach the White is stunned into abasement. He is returned all at once to his days as Clark Kent, a dreaded normie. 


Despite his reduced state, Zach still manages to piss Ethan off, when he suggests that hospitals are not actually trying to help people. But Justine comes to the rescue by pointing out that mental illness is as much a social phenomenon as it is a physical or emotional one. The show ends, as it began, with everyone realizing that the opposite of comedy is porn. 


For some interesting and harrowing tales of mental illness, check out the following book, from the Icarus Project:





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