Monday, April 20, 2015

Stalin, for Starters 2 (We Live For the Applause)

Moulin Rouge is the Khmer Rouge plus time…or timing. Either way, in this part of the conversation about privacy, Ethan pronounces French very badly. Zach and Lady Gaga both live for the Applause! And they both sing like angels. People denounce being spied on and at the same time want to be rescued from not being important enough to be spied on. This is known as the cult of celebrity, and it is pervasive. Nevertheless, many people who become famous resent the fact that they lose their privacy. Eminem is one such example, but an example that forces Ethan to admit that he doesn’t know what he wants. Nor who he is.


Zach thinks he's naturally famous, and does himself no favors by admitting it. But he recognizes his motive as being one and the same as Lady Gaga. Ethan thinks there's a natural desire, among performers, to be seen. There is also a desire to peer inside others. Zach tries to talk about porn, but fails. What’s so bad about porn? What kind of porn is Zach talking about, where women get duped. Ethan auditions for his job at And there’s a whole lot of discussion about slang words for lady parts.


Ethan lays down the arguments against privacy. That is, the arguments on the side of “It’s not so bad.” All the benefits we get from technology come with a cost. Not to mention, the doozy argument: "Why worry about privacy if you've got nothing to hide?” Ethan also argues for a moderately sized government. Which is to say, a larger than small-sized government. The sort of government a libertarian would hate. Ethan suggests that the current state of affairs is one of our own making, and he maintains that we are moving in the right direction. But he knows his argument will offend some people. Most notably, Zach!


And it wouldn’t be an episode of The Ethan and Zach Trio if our two heroes didn’t fight over the sound-effect machine. In this episode, Zach gives Ethan the steering wheel. And Ethan finally discovers the magic of the device, so he compares it to Vladimir Putin.



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