Friday, April 24, 2015

Stalin, for Starters 4 (The Divine Right of Delusion)

Zach and Ethan talk about the Glenn Greenwald lecture, which can be found here:


Ethan confesses that he wants to be seen naked. Steve Jobs and Jesus - real Americans - take a gander at Ethan’s bare booty. Zach reveals the seedy underbelly of the paranoia around privacy. Namely, that people are afraid of being normal, unoriginal, and boring. And the notion of being watched spoils the false assumption that we are all special. The NSA is aborting the creative potential of the American psyche. Which is worse - abortions or spies?


Zach claims that America is a bunch of white people who killed a bunch of Native Americans. Ethan, once again misses the point about the Native Americans, and instead maintains that being spied upon actually makes someone feel special. And furthermore, once you’re exposed, you become famous. Don’t ever give the finger to the Mother Gandhi Theresa. Cuz you might become famous in a bad way!


What happens when you’re caught masturbating? Do you feel boring? Lewd? Special? What’s the difference between masturbation and murder? Never mind! Forget murder! Ethan and Zach disagree about the origin of the concern over privacy. But what else is new! Mitt Romney and Mel Gibson make a guest appearance, to offer their viewpoint as people who have been caught being a-holes.



The Trio ends with a question: Is it a good thing that mental health can be preserved by illusions? But before they can answer, a bomb drops! Ethan changes his mind about the myth of paradise. It turns out the paradise is attainable. And that all things come back to the matrix. In other words, the decision Cypher makes to eat the steak sums it all up. The illusion is pretty compelling, but Cypher is also the bad guy, so what do we do? I d’know. What we do know is that there is a 1:3 correlation between Neo and Steve Jobs. 

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