Friday, April 10, 2015

The White Light 1 (Life, Death, and the In-Between)

In tonight’s episode, Zach reveals the story behind the white light. In his early 20s, Zach was drugged against his knowledge. What resulted would catapult him down a careening path of non-committal sooth-seeking. Zach’s white light has shaped who he is and gotten him to this point. So it must be worth a listen, right?


Well, Ethan thinks otherwise. Ethan offers his own explanation of the white light as a near-death experience, knowledge, or the essence and source of sight. He suggests that the white light is underlying all of matter, and that it represents a unification of body and spirit. Zach, on the other hand, sees all of matter, every profession, and every sector of society as a different color in the rainbow. 


This episode features a varied array of non-sequiturs. Come, here us speak of Joseph Campbell, The Matrix, Cake, Queen, and that hot new band: Queen Cake. Comedy Bang Bang makes a special guest appearance. Not to mention, that old adage from the film: Le Film de Lego. “Everything is Awesome!!!” 


Lastly, Ethan and Zach discuss optimism and its problematization. And in case it wasn’t clear during the show, the problem with optimism is that it neutralizes the drive to get better. Zach ends by describing in greater detail what happened after he saw the white light. How he wanted to escape and blah blah blah. But who wants to hear any of that!


Check out this episode!

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