Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The White Light 3 (Incest, Magic, and Bullscrement)

In the final part of the saga, Ethan and Zach dissolve almost completely into the White Light. Zach asserts that he has a superiority complex, wrought by The White Light, and that it’s okay. Because a superiority complex is a way to neutralize social interactions, by alerting the other person to your character flaws. He further asserts that it all starts in middle school. Ethan wants to be part of the in-group, so he agrees with him. 


But no sooner has Ethan agreed, Zach insists that incest is okay. Yes, that’s right. In light of The White Light, one can SPEAK of incest WITHOUT the necessary HATRED in the debauched rhetoric of those shadowy others. Ethan strongly accuses Zach of claiming to be a god...nay, being one! 


But Zach instead speaks about ram folklore and the greek alphabet. First, we discuss the legend of the two rams dueling it out on a log over a chasm (You’ll have to tune it to see how this story ends!) And then, we analyze some greek letters. In short,


Zach=omega=outcast wolf


Ethan=epsilon=dueling rams


The Third Person=delta=The Bullscrement




Check out this episode!

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