Sunday, April 5, 2015

Word Games (Part 2: Playing with Numbers)

In part 2 of the conversation, Ethan tries to pull the attention to the root of all problems, as he sees them: Language! Zach, of course, tries to pull him back from the edge of the precipice. But in a sustained effort to debunk the Ethanator, Zach showers him with complements of adorable cuteness. Zach also plugs his new organization: The Foundation for the Upraising of the Cognitively Underprivileged, or FUCU, for short.

Zach and Ethan hit up just about every hot topic under the sun in this part of the convo. They talk about love, and beans, and hyperbole. What else could you need! They also demo their new hit single, "Love is Just a Number," and they discuss ranking systems and favorites of word games like Scrabble and the D Programming Language. 

Finally, Ethan and Zach duke it out as the two most prominent numbers of all time! First, in the blue shorts, the macdaddy of trinities, the slayer of dualism, the magic himself: Numberrrrrr Three!!! Next up, in the red trunks, the modern mystical experience, the mother of all movements, the quarter-cracking canker sore: Number Fourrrr!!!!

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