Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Men's Rights Movement

Huh?!? There’s a Men’s Rights Movement? That’s right! They even have an acronym: The MRM. So they must be legit…


Zach asks a very simple question: “What won’t men d—“

Ethan interrupts him: “There’s a lot that men won’t do for sex... That was your question, right? Ah, never mind. I don’t care. As I was saying…”


Despite Ethan’s interlocutory brashness in this episode, Zach manages to make his point: Some men are so devastatingly unsexy, that they are willing to feminize themselves in order to get laid. But not just to get laid, to be loved as well. These men parrot the Feminist Movement and agree to unfair marital arrangements, give up their civil and social rights, and regress into a dark dungeon of despair. Just to subdue the wanton will of Woman. 


Want an example? Why, just look at penguins! When the sexiest male penguin locks in the lone lady penguin on a floating sheet of ice, the lowly other male penguins resort to necrophilia. That’s right, they have sex with dead penguins… Then again, some male penguins sit on the eggs. And some male penguins are decidedly homosexual. And male seahorses carry the eggs inside them! Buuuut…female praying mantises eat the males after sex. Sooo… What the heck does the animal world have to teach us, anyway!?! Gosh!


Ethan thinks the MRM is silly. But then again, he thinks all movements are silly, and that everyone should just stand still for once. Or join the Anti-Movement Movement. The AMM. (It’s legit.) That being said, Ethan believes the Feminist Movement has very practical and sensible goals. And that there is progress to be made, whilst maintaining what is essentially different about the genders. 


Zach and Ethan find agreement in the notion that beauty may not always rest in the eye of the beholder. In other words, beauty is partially objective. (They agree on that? Go figure!) But no sooner have they agreed than they descend into unwonted manliness, staking out caves and bashing trees with clubs. Uggh! That’s the sound that a real man makes! Zach eats a poop sandwich, has sex with himself, and starts a video hosting service called MeTube.com.



The Trio just barely brush the surface of this massively complex and delectable debate. There is a fierce community of YouTubers (MeTubers?) who have much more to say on all of these issues. Here are just a few…


On the MRM side:






And on the definitively non-MRM side:







Check out this episode!

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