Thursday, May 14, 2015

This American Death

Ira Sass hosts This American Death, a show where real-live dead people tell their stories. In tonight’s episode, you’ll meet Randal Donaldson, a Wall Street stock broker who left behind two kids and a wife. His death was one for the ages, coming amidst a cycle of depression and hypertension that ended in a massive heart attack. Randal finds himself in a 3 foot wide by 8 foot long by 10 foot high room, with smooth black stones lining the walls. All he can remember is a white light, and then a cool, cozy black fist that squeezed him from head-to-toe. And yet, after all that, Randal doesn’t even believe he’s dead. No, he imagines he’s still living the life of a polygamous transgender wife.



But in reality, he has been transported to a lavender-colored, oval-shaped cavern. And it turns out that Randal was collectively seen as a pretty bad guy before he died. Getting in dirty with law firms like Shoemaker and Smishshmotzel, and Merck and Sanford. And smuggling money to The Canary Islands. But in reality, Randal was just trying to get his businesses off the ground: and The Goobook. The two million dollars were meant to rescue the miners and the canaries. In the end, Randal tempted his partners with the promise of an outside-bird named Enza. But at the last moment, someone opened a window. And in flew Enza. 



Check out this episode!

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