Sunday, May 31, 2015

What Are We Doing?

The gang of three ask themselves a simple question: What are they doing? And betwixt the interruptions, the semantic debate over startups and upstarts, and the loquacious foibles, they arrive at an answer: Making a podcast. Duh!


But what does it mean to be a podcaster? Why would one broadcast himself to the world? To Zach, the answer is simple. If you have something to give, then you have to give it. But to Ethan it’s more complicated. He thinks that first you have to figure out if you have something to give. 


They’re just a couple of divas, carrying along the tradition of divas being divas. Like Siskel & Ebert. Key & Peele. Bert & Sis. No, Bert & Jean. No! Bert & Ernie! There we go. Divas are an important part of an organization. Just ask Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, Google Executives and all-around broheims. Jonathan Rosenberg says:


“Not all difficult employees are knaves. In fact, some of most difficult are exactly the people you should fight to keep. I call them the divas. So exile knaves, but fight for divas!


Whereas knaves act the way they do because of low integrity, divas do it because of high exceptionalism. They’re extraordinarily talented and think they’re better than the team (and they usually are!), but they still want the team to win. What’s important is that their contributions match or exceed their egos.”


Beswide the fact that Ethan is tired, in sprite of it even, he and Zach manage to answer some important questions. What does the show need? Good iTunes reviews. Who’s better, Nietzsche or the Nazis? Nietzsche. What’s the greatest place in the world? Laguna Matata. What’s the greatest sport of all time? Whale Polo. Is it okay to sell out? Yes. How are Ethan and Zach doing? Well, the audience doesn’t really need to hear it.



Check out this episode!

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