Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sexual Borderlands

The Trio is back! But they are only 7% serious. Yet the power and fascination of their topic compels them! If you can be attracted to a beer machine, you can be attracted to anything. Your sexuality is whatever you're attracted to at the moment. If Zach says he's "straight", it's because he's scared of all the other controversial things he might have to admit being attracted to otherwise. It's far better to be attracted to inanimate objects, or even animals, than to small children - a point which is surprisingly difficult to make!

A core disagreement between Ethan and Zach underlies this whole episode. Between their congenial veneer Ethan yearns for right and wrong to be more or less Black and White - regarding pedophilia, for example - while Zach seems to see more Shades of Grey than E.L. James could shake a dildo at!


Regardless, this episode is full of interesting ideas and memorable moments, including the improvised Anthem of Men's Rights.


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Monday, June 22, 2015

Is the Truth Out There???

Zach is the Jesus to Ethan's Doubting Thomas in this fascinating debate on the Truth, and how we can possibly know Reality when we see it. Zach believes that Objective Reality is Real, and that it's accessible to those who haves been Saved/Reborn/What-have-you. Thus he has access to Absolute Truth - sometimes. It's therefore very awkward to be debating with someone without such access - and yet it is precisely Ethan's doubting quality that grounds this conversation.

It could only be in the presence of a hardcore Post-Modernist like Ethan that the idea of an Objective Reality has to be so firmly asserted. Yet Zach can only concede this point by dividing people into the Chosen and the Not-So-Chosen, with regards to access to this Objective Reality.

The Truth is Out There. Even Descartes would approve of the closing remarks, in which the only thing Ethan and Zach are sure of is their continued interest in the Trio!


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Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Zach Files: Prelude to Ecce Zacho

For die-hard fans only. In the days before his new YouTube show, bickering ensued as Zach tried to convince Ethan of Zach's need for more expression. Driven by a religious passion, Zach needed a soapbox upon which to deliver his message(s). This episode is a behind-the-scenes look at the Trio's evolving relationship. 

Zach's YouTube: "Zach Tollen"


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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Nietzsche and the Will to Power

A tale told by an idiot… or Three! The Trio give you their take on Nietzsche. Supposedly, there's serious "bank" in the field of Nietzsche scholarship... of which bank the Trio have taken exactly NO part. They try to give Nietzsche's idea of the Will to Power a fair shake. Also featuring: The Will to Knowledge, and the Will to Simplify, with guest appearances by Gilles Deleuze, the Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and C.G. Jung, and Sigmund Freud.

"Jung is the Queen, and Nietzsche and Freud are Rooks. If you misunderstand Nietzsche for me it's like losing a Rook on the chessboard. Same with Freud, but if you misunderstand Jung, it's like losing a Queen… I could theoretically give up Nietzsche under certain circumstances to save Jung."

The show ends with an elegant description of the philosophy of Elitism - it's really profound.



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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Can ANYTHING Be a Topic???


The Trio examine what constitutes a good topic, starting with a hilarious song-and-dance number, and ending with a hilarilair improv on the remote tropical paradise of Indiana… Jones? In between, things get serious. Is it the worst case scenario? Or the best of times? Review us on iTunes and let us know!


To find Zach's YouTube channel, just go there and search for "Zach Tollen".



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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Size Matters: A Bawdy Interlude

The Trio get pretty middle school in this episode. Aside from the fact that they hardly know what they're talking about, they declare once and for all that Size Matters. Except that it doesn't... or something like that. Is bigger always better? Regardless, the conversation will never stray too far from the human anatomy.

One controversial proposition is that the height of a man is as important to a woman as the dick size is to a man.

After all is said and done, a sober fear of what "women" will say tempers some of the more extreme nonsense that is going on in this show. But then, will the Women dispute their being called out as chaperones of this Middle School dance?



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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Internet's Super Awesome Podcast!

Heyyyyyy everybody. Internet here. Just doin’ my podcast thing. Y’knowww. Talkin’ ‘bout stuff. You know? Anywayyyyyy, what a show I have for you this week! I’m gonna discuss some topics. Just whateva’s on my mind. Like the expiration of The Patriot Act (yuck!). And Nick Jonas’ new acting role (whaaa!). I review the new movie, “Ex Machina,” and think about what it all means for love and robots and humans and emotions (ooh la la!); Plus, a very special interview with some guy on the internet. Hey, that’s me!


Featuring music by Silent Partner.



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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Light Speed: Freedom and Captivity


"Captain, we appear to be stuck here on Earth!"


"Nonsense, Lieutenant. Science fiction would be nothing without fast and cost-effective space travel!"


"I'm afraid that's precisely what's happening, Captain. It appears we are stuck here… forever."


Zach bears bad news for the future of spacefaring science fiction, delivering as lighthearted a commemorative eulogy for it as possible. But Zach is merely the messenger, and somebody must bear the news… the real Villain - the Devil who damns several whole genres of science fiction to the domain of impossibility - is the very Speed of Light which we've made such good use of in the past two centuries.

Listen to find out why!


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Monday, June 8, 2015

Fart of the Bumblebee

Some people habitually blame themselves, and others habitually blame the world, but this whole question of "whodunnit?" has been bothering Ethan. He is constantly assaulted by the myth of the bumblebee, who let loose its wrath upon the world, only to suffer a more terrible fate than it ever could have inflicted. Ethan would like to find a way to move beyond the back-and-forth of blame and guilt. And as a philosopher, he's willing to go to extreme lengths in order to find such a way. To that end, he make two claims: Nobody is entirely responsible for anything that happens. But everybody is partially responsible for everything that happens, throughout all space and time. Intriguing.

He offers up a couple commonly held ideas that support his claim. The Butterfly Effect, though far-fetched, is well understood. And most people are willing to accept it at some level. Also, it is common to say, “If you’re not with us, then you’re against us.” This is simply another way of saying that you are culpable even if you do nothing, even if you’re not involved. Furthermore, there are already many religious traditions that hold to the interconnectedness of everything. Unitarian Universalism comes to mind, as does the Eastern concept of Karma. 

So that’s all well and good as far as ethos goes. But Ethan knows that his theory needs a little more logos and pathos. So he offers up two more versions of his story: Every event in history has culminated in You right now. And everything You do will effect the future. Which is another way of saying that past, present, and future unite in the super-historical moment that is You; Finally, we must not ignore the phenomenon that occurs when we witness a heinous act. The mind automatically puts itself into the role of judge, criminal, and victim. Even if just at a superficial level, we are implicated in everything we are aware of.

As Ethan's thesis advisor, Zach thinks Ethan's theory needs further refinement. But he sees some shreds of reason in it. For example, this episode of the Ethan and Zach Trio is a mess, frankly, but whose fault is that?! Answer: It's EVERYONE'S fault. A butterfly flaps its wings in Japan, and two Americans produce a confusing podcast episode. And it was always meant to be. Everything led up to this show, and this show is indispensable for everything that follows.

People fighting vigorously against something will, by the very intensity of their desire, make that thing happen. The archetype of the Shadow and the collisions of opposites. A monkey wrench is thrown into the fog, and the Trio encounters the Knights Who Say “#@*!”

What does it all mean? Zach eagerly awaits the second draft of Ethan's paper...



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Friday, June 5, 2015

Disability, and So-Called Compassion

Ethan has Arthrogryposis, a congenital joint defect. You can learn more about it here:


"Don't let this define you," people say. "There's nothing you can do." But there ARE things Ethan can't do, and he feels shortchanged by having his situation dismissed so easily.

Zach, knowing that such "Christian charity" was likely to be exceedingly disappointing for Ethan, and with Machiavellian ingenuity, realized that he could use Ethan to his own advantage. Muahahahaha! And the Trio was born...

...and promptly went divergent (#divergent), with a discussion of Deleuze's Difference and Repetition. E & Z talk about Number as an Archetypal Concept - is it merely subjective, or does it exist in the world? In conclusion, the Matrix is EVERYWHERE, except for in Ethan's ability to flip Zach the bird.



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Thursday, June 4, 2015


On the exact date of Ethan's birth, the planets aligned and three Wise Men came from the Far East, predicting that Ethan would have exactly ZERO interest in astrology. What more proof do you need that astrology works than that those wise men were absolutely right? Spot on with their predictions!

Zach clearly has an uphill battle convincing Ethan to take astrology seriously. And Zach wouldn't take it seriously either if it weren't for some really smart people who do. Namely, the philosopher Richard Tarnas, who wrote a book called Cosmos and Psyche about the positions of the planets and their mysterious connection with human events throughout history. Links related to his school of astrology, Archetypal Cosmology, can be found below.

Also, this episode is hilarilair.

Some links:


Youtube channel:


Japan Earthquakes of 2011:



Vladimir Putin:




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Monday, June 1, 2015

Ecce Zacho: Zach's New Youtube Series


Zach is a volcano and he has erupted. His world is rent asunder -- that is, he's split in two (rather than that he's merely unable to pay his rent). He has a new show. Go to YouTube and type: "Ecce Zacho" or just "Zach Tollen" to see the results of this cataclysm. Or just click:





But the band is still together! The Ethan and Zach Trio has given birth to Solo Zach, but that is just the cherry on top of a large Podcasting cake, or Podcake, as we like to call it. Anyway, this episode is about Zach, his kinship with Friedrich Nietzsche, and how Ethan doesn't need to kill anybody.



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