Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sexual Borderlands

The Trio is back! But they are only 7% serious. Yet the power and fascination of their topic compels them! If you can be attracted to a beer machine, you can be attracted to anything. Your sexuality is whatever you're attracted to at the moment. If Zach says he's "straight", it's because he's scared of all the other controversial things he might have to admit being attracted to otherwise. It's far better to be attracted to inanimate objects, or even animals, than to small children - a point which is surprisingly difficult to make!

A core disagreement between Ethan and Zach underlies this whole episode. Between their congenial veneer Ethan yearns for right and wrong to be more or less Black and White - regarding pedophilia, for example - while Zach seems to see more Shades of Grey than E.L. James could shake a dildo at!


Regardless, this episode is full of interesting ideas and memorable moments, including the improvised Anthem of Men's Rights.


Check out this episode!

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