Monday, July 6, 2015

What Good Is Expertise?!?

A young student approaches a purportedly wise teacher and asks a question. The teacher's answer makes no sense to the student. The student says she doesn't understand, and the teacher gives an answer which she still doesn't understand. Who's to blame??

The Trio investigate the value of knowing a lot, versus being able to communicate it. Is the idea itself hard, or is the communication just really poor? How does one defend oneself against people who use the pretense of knowing a lot but really know very little? When should experts be respected versus rejected? Sometimes a great mind needs a great communicator, such as in the case of Zach's hero Edward F. Edinger for Carl Jung, and Ethan's Gilles Deleuze for Nietzsche and Spinoza.


In conclusion… another very interesting topic from the Trio!


Check out this episode!

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