Monday, December 14, 2015

Action vs. Intention 2

Imagine a table with two columns. In one column, you have action. And in the other column, you have intention. In one column, you have a lowly podcaster proclaiming the need for a new ethical approach toward life and the world. And in the other column, you have the sum-total of established religious, philosophical, and scientific theory.


Now you must choose a column … And choose wisely! …


Or just listen to this episode. And follow Ethan down the rabbit hole of postmodern implication.



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Written Dialogue: Action vs. Intention

Ethan: I first came up with this idea when a friend of mine challenged me on our Golden Rule episode. He took issue with our dismissal of Jesus' teaching: "love thy neighbor as you would yourself." We got into a rather puzzling exchange about the difference between loving they neighbor and performing acts of love toward him. I kept insisting that you cannot separate the two, that once you tell somebody to love they neighbor, you are telling him to perform a series of tasks. As a reminder, my objection to the golden rule is that it does not go far enough. That one ought to do unto others as THEY would have you do unto them. And even with this, you have some problems. But in any case, my friend’s objection centered around the notion that, if you love someone the way you love yourself, then everything else will follow. That DOING does not figure into it at all. Or, I should say, the doing is a byproduct of the loving. If I understood him correctly, love is a mode of being that determines an appropriate method of doing, no matter the circumstances.